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Caring for Your Dentures in Ronkonkoma

January 10, 2017

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Your dentist for dentures in Ronkonkoma.If you have made the choice to replace your missing teeth with traditional or implanted dentures, you have made a great decision. Dentures are effective for restoring oral functions needed for eating and speaking while providing your facial structures with support. Not to mention, advancements in dentistry now allow dentures to feel more comfortable and look more natural. You will regain your confidence to smile brightly. While dentures are not subject to decay like natural teeth, they will still need care. As your dentist for dentures in Ronkonkoma, we have the information you need to properly maintain your dentures. With the right care, traditional dentures will last a minimum of 5 to 7 years while implanted dentures will last longer.

Caring for Removable Dentures

Dentures and partial dentures that are removable will need to be cleaned each day using products that are designed specifically for dentures. While the oral appliances are durable, they can become damaged. Therefore, always use care when taking out your false teeth. It is often best to place a towel on the counter or floor to add a layer of protection in case you drop them.

You will need to remove the devices once a day to properly clean them. You need to brush the prosthetic teeth using a soft-bristled toothbrush and nonabrasive toothpaste. You do not want to use any cleaners that may cause scratches or abrasions to the teeth.

If you have conventional dentures, you need to use a denture soaking solution. Soak the dentures overnight to clean them and prevent them from drying out. If your dentures become dry, they may shrink and become more prone to breaking. After your dentures have been removed, do not forget to care for your gums by brushing them softly. If you have any remaining natural teeth, you will need to brush and floss them as well.

Caring for Implant Dentures

Caring for implant supported or implant retained dentures is similar to caring for your natural teeth. As with conventional dentures, use nonabrasive products to clean the teeth. While implants are made to last a lifetime, you can suffer from implant failure if you develop an infection. You need to take extra care to remove bacteria from the mouth.

When caring for your implant dentures, pay extra attention to cleaning around the implant posts. There are specialized dental tools that make this easier, such as ultrasonic instruments and water flossers. Your dentist in Ronkonkoma may recommend special mouth rinses to reduce bacteria in the mouth that is hard to reach.

Protect Your Smile

In addition to home care, you need to maintain regular appointments with your dentist to protect your oral health. To protect the longevity of your tooth replacement options, if any damage occurs, you need to have the dentist repair your dentures right away. Do not try to repair them on your own and do not continue to wear damaged dentures.

As your dentist for dentures, we offer an array of options to treat your tooth loss. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation.