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3 Ways to Protect Your Smile from Fall Sports Injuries

October 5, 2019

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athletic mouthguardAs the temperature declines and the leaves begin to change colors, fall is in the air. With the seasons changing, so do the sports you and your loved ones play. As you prepare to head out onto the field, you take safety seriously. The last thing you expect to happen is an oral health emergency; however, they occur more often than you might believe. In fact, 1 in 6 Americans faces a dental emergency each year. 39% of them are sports-related. Here are 3 simple tips to follow this fall to prevent an unplanned trip to your emergency dentist near Sayville.


New Dental Crown? Learn What You Can Do to Prolong Its Life

September 20, 2019

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a dental crown

Dental crowns in Sayville are one of the most well-known, versatile, and effective restorative dentistry treatments available. For years, patients have enjoyed restored smiles that are free from damage and decay because of their ability to block out anything bad that could further weaken the tooth. If you’re preparing for your own dental crown but don’t know what to expect, allow us to explain how long you can expect yours to last and ways in which you can prolong the life of your custom prosthetic.


Professional or Store-Bought: Which Teeth Whitening Choice is Best?

September 10, 2019

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You work hard to make a good living. Apart from the necessities you require (i.e. food, clothing, and shelter), you want to make the most out of the money you have leftover each month. If you’ve been noticing stubborn stains developing on your teeth and want to put some of your extra funds toward improving your smile, buying a kit at your local drug store sounds like a good option. Before you plunk your money into something that makes a lot of promises but falls short when it comes to results, you might want to consider why professional teeth whitening in Sayville is a better option and more worthy investment.


5 Reasons We’re Worth the Drive for Cosmetic Dentistry

August 16, 2019

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woman in dental chairIf the weight of an unattractive smile is holding you back from feeling your best, you can give your confidence a boost with cosmetic dentistry. No matter if you want to brighten your smile or significantly transform your teeth, you need an experienced and reputable cosmetic dentist near Sayville. Unfortunately, not all dentists are the same. You need a dental practice capable of producing the results you want while giving you the care you deserve. If you can’t find the right team, here are 5 reasons Sunrise Dental Services is worth the short drive. Dr. Makadia proudly treats patients from Sayville, Holbrook, and Ronkonkoma to achieve your dream smile.


Porcelain Veneers VS Lumineers near Sayville: Which is Best?

July 29, 2019

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veneersIf you have less than perfect teeth, cosmetic dentistry can give you the smile you desire. Many patients choose porcelain veneers and Lumineers near Sayville because they produce drastic, natural-looking results. Although the two treatments are often thought to be the same, there are clear differences between them. As a result, only one treatment may be right for you depending on the extent of your concerns and the results you want to achieve. Your cosmetic dentist will help you make the best choice for your smile.  


5 Reasons to Choose Teeth Whitening Near Sayville

July 3, 2019

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woman smiling at beachHave your teeth lost their luster over the years? There is no better time than now to revamp your smile with professional teeth whitening near Sayville. Summer provides the ideal opportunity to reverse tooth discoloration and stains. Before you head out on your vacation, here are 5 great reasons to invest in a smile as bright as the summer sun.


4 Smile Saving Tips from Your Emergency Dentist Near Sayville

June 22, 2019

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woman with mouth painYou never expect yourself or your loved one to be affected by a dental emergency; however, it happens more often than you might believe. In fact, 1 in 6 Americans faces a dental emergency every year. If you find yourself in this situation, do you know what to do? If you are like the average person, the answer is no. Since dental emergencies are not a common topic, it is easy not to know what to do or what even constitutes as an issue that requires immediate care. There’s no need to worry. Your emergency dentist near Sayville has 4 tips to help you handle unexpected oral health problems.


Finding a Family Dentist Near Sayville Your Child Will Love

May 12, 2019

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young girl at dentistThere is no “one size fits all” when it comes to dental care. Everyone has unique oral health needs that constantly change. This can make it difficult to get your family the care they deserve. Often, it means running from one dental office to another to have their needs met. You can save time by choosing a family dentist near Sayville everyone will love, even your child.


Is Invisalign Near Sayville the Best Option for a Straight Smile?

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woman holding InvisalignHave you always felt insecure about your crooked smile? You are not alone. In fact, alignment issues are a leading concern among adults. Unfortunately, many adults feel they missed the opportunity to straighten their teeth because they did not have orthodontic treatment as a child. Now, metal braces just are not suitable for their professional image and lifestyle. If this situation sounds familiar, you are not out of options. There are many cosmetic solutions to give you a straight smile, like veneers and Invisalign near Sayville, but which is the best option for you?


Crooked Teeth? Porcelain Veneers Near Sayville Can Help

April 13, 2019

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woman with veneersAre you ready to invest in an attractive smile with cosmetic dentistry? You have heard you can correct several issues at once using Lumineers or porcelain veneers near Sayville. Both are minimally invasive options to help you achieve drastic results that look natural; however, you have crooked teeth. There is no need to worry. In some cases, veneers can also make your teeth appear straighter without needing to wear braces.


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