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About Sunrise Dental Service

Great dental care is about so much more than just a better, brighter smile. Dr. Makadia and the rest of our team strive to build relationships with patients that last for many years providing compassion, kindness, and relaxation in a warm atmosphere where you feel at home. Our office is outfitted with the latest in dental technology and amenities, and we will work with you to determine which treatment options best fit your unique needs and goals for your oral health.

Patient Comfort

Many patients fear dental care because they are worried about the discomfort or outright pain they may experience during treatment. Here in Bohemia, our team makes your comfort a top priority. With the help of anesthesia, sedation dentistry, and advanced tools and techniques, we improve this experience greatly. We will do our best to help you stay at ease throughout your appointment, and afterwards, you will get to enjoy improved oral health and beauty!

State of-the-Art Equipment

Dentistry is constantly changing and improving to provide more precise, comfortable, and high quality treatment for patients.  We have state-of-the-art equipment that includes:

KAVO Soft-tissue Diode Laser

soft tissue laser machine Instead of relying on the traditional scalpel, we perform a wide variety of treatments with a state-of-the-art soft tissue diode laser including periodontal disease treatment, endodontic care, abscess treatment, esthetic gum lifts and more. Because of the improved accuracy, we can better protect your healthy oral structures, improve comfort throughout the procedure, shorten treatment duration, reduce need for anesthesia, and minimize common post-operative symptoms like bleeding – in fact, most patients do not even need sutures afterwards. The healing period is also shortened.

Erbium Hard Tissue and Nd: YAG Lasers in Bohemia, NY

Erbium lasers are capable of simplifying and improving the filling process to exceptional levels. Instead of having to rely on the unpleasant vibrations of a dental drill and the risk of microfractures affecting the treated tooth, patients stay comfortable as we remove tooth decay – most patients do not even need local anesthetic. We also disinfect the dentin and enamel and etch the surface of the tooth to improve the filling’s bonding power.

Dr. Makadia uses an Nd: YAG laser, which is a special frequency laser scientifically proven to be a better soft tissue laser over most Diode Lasers as it has improved health effects on oral cavities.  It destroys bacteria with shockwaves.  It has better bio-stimulation effects for tissue repair and wound healing.  We use this laser as it is the most appropriate state-of-the-art equipment for treating gum disease.

Digital Intraoral Imaging

intraoral imagining camera Intraoral imaging is used for diagnosing dental problems.  It allows our team to view areas of decay, oral inflammation, and much more that we could not view with just the naked eye. The digital process eliminates the need for film and hazardous chemicals as well, simplifies the process down to a few seconds of easy, comfortable capture. The images of your smile will be instantly visible on our computer and TV screens.  The amount of radiation you are exposed to is reduced by up to 90% compared to the traditional technique.

Digital Panoramic Imaging

panoramix imaging Digital intraoral X-rays provide vital assistance when it comes to your oral health. Panoramic imaging is the next step up showing us your entire mouth – every single tooth – in the exact same image. This technology is very useful when diagnosing partially or fully impacted teeth, planning dental implant treatment with the greatest accuracy, and even identifying the presence of oral tumors.

VELscope Oral Cancer Detector

oral cancer detector Tens of thousands of people are diagnosed with oral cancer every year, and many of them will not survive another five years past that point. This disease is so dangerous because a lot of cases are not diagnosed until they have reached destructive stages. Our office takes the time to make oral cancer diagnosis a vital part of your routine care. Our VELscope technology relies on fluorescence to identify cancerous and even precancerous areas in the mouth that would otherwise be unnoticeable to the naked eye.

Zoom Advanced Power Light Teeth Whitening

Instead of relying on take-home products that do not create the dazzling results you want, patients can undergo teeth whitening in record time with our ZOOM! technology. The procedure takes less than an hour, and your smile can become brighter by several shades. After preparing teeth and gums, your treatment will focus on the applications of high-grade whitening gel and the special ZOOM light, which work together to penetrate teeth and remove unpleasant stains and discoloration.

Milestone Electronic Anesthesia

Local anesthesia is necessary for many dental procedures, but the injection process can be unpleasant for patients who fear needles. At Sunrise Dental Service, we use The Wand to provide a fast, precise injection with a non-threatening hand piece that is virtually painless. The computer-controlled system gradually delivers the anesthetic at the ideal speed creating immediate results and ensuring that the patient’s cheeks and lips are not numbed in the process for even more comfort.

Dental Sedation with Nitrous Oxide / Sweet Air

Nitrous oxide, also known as “laughing gas” or “sweet air,” is a sedation technique helping nervous or anxious patients feel genuinely relaxed as our team works on their smiles here in our office. Nitrous oxide is administered through a nasal mask so that patients can breathe it in; within a few minutes, a pleasant, relaxed feeling should begin. Better yet, after the treatment is complete, the effects wear off within a few minutes. This allows busy patients to return to their daily routine with virtually no downtime required.

Computerized Tooth Color/Shade Matching

shade match wand When it comes to restorative work, Dr. Makadia is dedicated to giving patients an ideal match that blends in beautifully with their existing smile. Instead of relying on traditional, inconsistent methods, we use a digital shade matching system that captures important values to create the most precise color. With this assistance, you feel confident that your newly completed smile looks just as great as it feels. 

Dental Vibe for Painless Injections

dental vibe wand Even the most nervous and sensitive patients can benefit from Dental Vibe technology in our office. Instead of having to undergo a typical needle injection, this state-of-the-art tool will apply vibrations to the gums and skin, distracting patients from the act while also keeping them comfortable. In fact, the vibrating sensations reach the brain first blocking the feeling of the injection so thoroughly that you will not even realize it happened.

Laser Canker Sore Aphthous Ulcer Treatment

canker wand Canker sores can last for several days creating serious discomfort for the patient. If medications and home remedies are having no effect on yours, we recommend that you turn to our team for a much stronger solution: laser treatment. Our advanced lasers disinfect the area, reduce inflammation, minimize pain, and even eliminate the ulcer entirely without causing any damage to the nearby areas. Above all else, we treat your comfort as a priority!

Fiber Optic Drills for Fillings and Implants

fiber optic drill Our fiber optic drills are very beneficial to patients when compared with traditional models. Instead of having to rely on inconvenient overhead lights to see what is going on in the patient’s mouth, this hi-tech tool comes with lighting built into the actual equipment for better visualization of the back of the mouth. These drills are also quieter for a more pleasant patient experience overall.

Intraoral Camera

This pen size camera projects live images of your mouth onto a chair-side monitor and TV Screen for easy diagnosis and visual explanations.

Amalgam Separator

Amalgam is a potentially dangerous substance, and we are always happy to remove it from patients’ smiles and replace it with safer, more lifelike restorative options. However, it is also important that this material (and the mercury within) is not allowed to enter the public sewage system. Our amalgam separator is designed to separate this waste from our typical wastewater and dispose of it in a safer fashion. 

Ceramic Tooth Sparing Burs

Even with so many restorative solutions available, there is truly nothing like your original teeth. That is why our staff will do everything we can to preserve them. If you have decay that needs to be removed, traditional tools often drill away healthy tooth structure weakening the natural shape for completely unnecessary reasons. Thankfully, Dr. Makadia has an alternative. With ceramic tooth sparing burs, we can more selectively remove areas of decay from teeth while keeping what is left intact.

Intraligamentary Anesthesia

Intraligamentary anesthesia come with a specially designed needle and several great benefits for the patient – the computerized system handles the dosage and flow rate for optimal results, as well as the pressure that is applied. The anesthesia takes effect quickly helping the patient become very comfortable. The numbed area is kept precise (only the tooth in question and the immediate gum tissue) as well, saving time and requiring less anesthesia overall.

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