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Laser Dentistry – Bohemia, NY

Laser Dentistry to
Benefit Our Patients

At our dental office, Sunrise Dental Service, we offer Laser Dentistry! It allows us to perform treatments that are more comfortable, efficient, and effective for our patients. Our goal is to help all our patients benefit from the revolutionary technology and techniques laser dentistry has to offer. You will be amazed by how painless laser dentistry in our Bohemia, NY dental office can be and how effective the results are. Thanks to laser technology we can provide cutting edge procedures to satisfy our patient’s needs.

Dentist performing laser dentistry treatment

Snoring Treatment (NightLase)

Frustrated woman next to snoring man in need of NightLase treatment

Conservative estimates are around 90 million people in the U.S. snore, which not only interferes with their sleep, but also the sleep of their bed partners and family. A lack of quality rest can lead to all sorts of physical and mental issues, but NightLase can easily put a stop to snoring by treating the source. This laser actually shrinks and tightens the tissues of the throat that vibrate throughout the night to create the sound, leading to better (and quieter) sleep for everyone.

Learn More About NightLase Snoring Treatment

Laser Endodontics

Closeup of healthy tooth after laser endodontics

In the past, traditional methods have been used to perform a root canal treatment on an infected tooth. Now, cutting edge laser technology allows us to disinfect the tooth with more precision and accuracy than ever before. This makes procedures like root canals more comfortable and ensures that the repaired tooth will remain pain free for many years to come.

Learn More About Laser Assisted Endodontics

Laser Implantology
& Endodontics

Closeup of smile with dental implant post

Dental implants have quickly become the premier way to replace missing teeth. To make it easier for our patients to benefit from this life–changing treatment, Dr. Makadia has seamlessly integrated lasers into every part of the procedure. Harmful bacteria can be gently removed from the base of an implant without affecting the implant itself, dramatically lowering the already rare occurrence of implant failure.

Learn More About Dental Laser Implantology & Endodontics

Conservative Laser Dentistry

Patient receiving conservative laser dentistry treatment

Your natural teeth and the enamel that protect them are precious, but many traditional dental procedures involve cutting or reshaping them in order to place restorations. Dr. Makadia does everything he can to protect and maintain his patient’s teeth. Dental lasers make it easy to complete all types of procedures like fillings, while conserving someone’s existing enamel. This makes a variety of treatments less invasive and more comfortable, plus this approach helps the results last for decades to come.

Learn More About Conservative Laser Dentistry & Debonding

Laser Oral Surgery

Patient receiving laser oral surgery

Are you afraid of Oral Surgery? The words “oral surgery” are enough to make anyone feel a little nervous, but there is nothing to worry about here at Sunrise Dental Service. At our dental office, your comfort and peace of mind always come first, which is why Dr. Makadia uses lasers to perform certain treatments. Instead of relying on scalpels and sutures, his lasers enable him to complete treatments with much more precision while causing little to no pain, swelling, or bleeding.

Learn More About Laser-Assisted Oral Surgery

Laser Periodontics

Smile with receding gums in need of laser periodontics

Treating the gums used to involve invasive manual cleanings or making incisions in very sensitive tissue, but these are both problems of the past here at Sunrise Dental Service. Gum focused procedures are now easier than ever thanks to ND:Yag Laser treatment. The laser can painlessly remove bacteria and infected tissue to dramatically improve the health and appearance of your smile at the same time. Most patients do not even need local anesthetic to stay completely relaxed throughout treatment!

Learn More About Laser Gum (Periodontal) Surgery

Laser Cosmetic Treatments

Closeup of smile before and after laser cosmetic treatments

When it comes to the appearance of the smile, the gums matter just as much as the teeth! Dr. Makadia can use laser dentistry to make all sorts of beautifying improvements quickly and painlessly, usually in just one appointment. He can adjust the height of the gums to help the teeth look longer and bigger, remove excess gum tissue, create a straighter and more balanced gum line, and even out the color to reduce hyperpigmentation (discoloration).

Learn More Laser Cosmetic Treatment

Tooth Desensitization

Patient receiving laser dentistry before tooth desensitization

Sensitive teeth are a relatively minor dental problem, but it is one that a patient can easily encounter every day, whether they enjoy hot coffee or cold ice cream. With one fast and easy laser treatment, we can make any sensitivity quickly go away and stay gone! The treatment itself only takes a few minutes and requires no anesthetic, and it actually numbs the nerve that is the source of the pain. In a matter of seconds, the laser can accomplish what would take a sensitive toothpaste a matter of weeks.

Laser Canker Sore & Ulcer Treatment

Patient with sore on lip before laser canker sore and ulcer treatment

Canker sores can last for several days, creating serious discomfort for the patient. If medications and home remedies are not working for you, we recommend that you turn to our team for a much stronger solution: laser treatment. Our advanced lasers disinfect the area, reduce inflammation, minimize pain, and can even eliminate the ulcer entirely without causing any damage to the nearby areas.

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