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Advanced Dental Services & Technology – Bohemia, NY

Better Instruments
for Better Dentistry

Dental technology has changed a lot since Dr. Makadia first started practicing in Bohemia in 1990 X–rays have become completely digital, injections are 100% painless, and dental lasers now make it possible to complete a wide variety of procedures faster and more comfortably than ever before. Dr. Makadia wants our patients to experience the very best that modern–day dentistry has to offer, which is why he has invested in the latest, proven instruments. Thanks to this, your appointments will always seem to fly by.

Doctor Makadia pointing to digital dental x-rays

3D CBCT Scanner

3 D C B C T digital x-ray scanner

While a traditional dental x–ray is excellent for looking at a small number of teeth, when planning for a more complicated procedure (such as dental implant placement, airway studies, and endodontic treatments), our team needs to gather much more information than what a traditional x-ray can provide. With our 3D CBCT scanner, we can create a highly detailed model that shows off a patient’s teeth as well as the thickness of their jawbones. This image even reveals the location of sensitive facial nerves so we can avoid them to maximize a patient’s comfort. It allows us to measure the airway and help with sleep studies.

Fotona Laser Dentistry

Fotona laser dentistry system

The Fotona Laser is able to painlessly remove enamel and prepare teeth for restorations without having to rely on a noisy or uncomfortable dental drill. This laser is also used to treat gum disease with absolutely no cutting or sutures. That is right – it is a fast, virtually pain-free way to treat gum disease that does not remove significant amounts of gum tissue.

Learn More About Laser Dentistry

Erbium Hard Tissue and Nd: YAG Lasers

Erbium Hard tissue and Nd Y A G laser dentistry systems

Erbium lasers are capable of simplifying and improving the filling process to an exceptional level. Instead of having to rely on the unpleasant vibrations of a dental drill and deal with the risk of microfractures, patients stay comfortable as we remove tooth decay only using concentrated light – most patients do not even need local anesthetic.

Learn More About Nd: YAG Lasers

CEREC® Digital Impression System

CEREC digital dental impression system

Taking an impression of your bite is the first step for many dental procedures, such as fitting someone for veneers, a crown, or dentures. Rather than relying on messy and odd–tasting dental putty, we can now generate a perfect model of your teeth and bite just by scanning the mouth with a small, handheld device. The process only takes a few minutes, and it is so precise we never have to waste time on retakes.

Digital X–Rays
& Panoramic Imaging

Woman receiving digital x-rays

Digital x–rays allow our team to find areas of decay, oral inflammation, and much more that we could not view with just the naked eye. The digital process eliminates the need for film and hazardous chemicals and simplifies the process down to a few seconds. The images of your smile will be instantly visible on our computer and TV screens. The amount of radiation you are exposed to is reduced by up to 90% compared to the traditional technique.

Panoramic imaging allows us to see your entire mouth – every single tooth – in the same exact image. This imaging technology is extremely useful for analyzing gum and teeth conditions of both partial and full mouth. It allows us to plan dental treatments with the greatest accuracy.

Tekscan® Occlusal Analysis

Dentist and patient looking at Tekscan occlusal analysis

A misaligned bite can cause a litany of problems, ranging from nighttime teeth grinding to chronic headaches and much more. When adjusting a patient’s bite, we use the Tekscan® to help us find the ideal position for the teeth and jaw so that a patient feels comfortable and is able to function wonderfully day–to–day. This takes all of the guesswork out of the process, ensuring that a patient’s final result can be trusted to last.

Learn More About Tekscan®

KAVO Soft–tissue
Diode Laser Dentistry

KAVO soft tissue diode laser dentistry system

Instead of relying on the traditional scalpel, we perform a wide variety of treatments with a state–of–the–art soft tissue diode laser, including periodontal disease treatment, endodontic care, abscess treatment, esthetic gum lifts, and more. Because of the enhanced accuracy, we can improve your comfort throughout the procedure, shorten treatment duration, reduce need for anesthesia, and minimize common post–operative symptoms like bleeding – in fact, most patients do not even need sutures afterward.


Dentist using dental microscope

The legendary optics of the surgical and dental microscopes allow us to visualize details and fine structures that are otherwise difficult to see. This enhances the quality of our examination and treatment and helps us to provide you with the better dental care that you deserve.

VELscope Oral
Cancer Detector

VELscope oral cancer detector system

Tens of thousands of people are diagnosed with oral cancer every year. This disease is so dangerous because a lot of cases are not diagnosed until they have reached the destructive stages. Our dental office takes the time to make oral cancer screenings a vital part of your routine care. Our VELscope technology relies on fluorescence to illuminate cancerous and even precancerous areas in the mouth that would otherwise be unnoticeable to the naked eye.

DentalVibe for
Painless Injections

Dental vibe painless injections system

Even the most nervous and sensitive patients can benefit from DentalVibe technology in our dental office. Instead of having to undergo a typical needle injection, this state–of–the–art tool applies vibrations to the gums and skin, distracting patients while also keeping them comfortable. In fact, the vibrating sensations reach the brain first and block the feeling of the injection so thoroughly that most patients do not even realize it is happening.

Milestone Electronic Anesthesia

Milestone electronic anesthesia system

Local anesthesia is necessary for many dental procedures, but the injection process can be unpleasant for patients who fear needles. At Sunrise Dental Service, we use The Wand to provide a fast, precise injection that is virtually painless. The computer–controlled system gradually delivers the anesthetic at the ideal speed to create immediate results while ensuring that the patient’s cheeks and lips are not numbed in the process for even more comfort.

Dental Sedation with Nitrous Oxide /
“Sweet Air”

Patient receiving nitrous oxide dental sedation

Nitrous oxide, also known as “laughing gas” or “sweet air,” is a sedation technique that can help nervous or anxious patients feel genuinely relaxed as our team works on their smiles. Nitrous oxide is administered through a nasal mask so that patients can breathe it in; within a few minutes, a pleasant, relaxed feeling should begin. Better yet, after the treatment is complete, the effects wear off within a few minutes. This allows busy patients to return to their daily routine with virtually no downtime required.

Fiber Optic Drills for Fillings and Dental Implants

Fiber optic drill for tooth colored fillings and dental implants

Our fiber optic drills offer many unique benefits compared to traditional ones. Instead of having to rely on inconvenient overhead lights to see what is going on in the patient’s mouth, this high–tech tool comes with lighting built into the actual equipment, meaning Dr. Makadia can see what he is doing more clearly, and you will not be blinded throughout your appointment. These drills are also quieter for a more pleasant patient experience overall.

Computerized Tooth Color/Shade Matching

Patient's smile in tooth color shade matching system

When it comes to restorative work, Dr. Makadia is dedicated to giving patients an ideal match that blends in beautifully with their existing smile. Instead of relying on traditional, inconsistent methods, we use a digital shade matching system that captures important data to create the most precise color. With this assistance, you can feel confident that your newly completed smile will look just as great as it feels.

Ceramic Tooth
Sparing Burs

Man looking at smile after treatment with ceramic tooth sparing burs

Even with so many restorative solutions available, there is truly nothing like your original teeth. This is why our staff will do everything we can to preserve them. If you have decay that needs to be removed, traditional tools often drill away healthy tooth structure, weakening the natural shape for completely unnecessary reasons. Thankfully, Dr. Makadia has an alternative. With ceramic tooth sparing burs, we can more selectively remove areas of decay from teeth while keeping what is left intact.

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