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Tooth Extraction near Sayville

woman with dental painAt Sunrise Dental Service, new advancements in dentistry allow us to preserve your natural teeth for longer than before. We do everything in our power to prevent the extraction of a tooth. Unfortunately, there may come a time when it is in your best interest. If a tooth is decayed, diseased, or overcrowded and there are no other viable means to restore your oral health, you may need to have it removed. No matter the reason, Dr. Makadia will safely and effectively perform your tooth extraction near Sayville.

Why Do I Need to Have a Tooth Removed?

simple extractionThere are several reasons that may cause you to need to have your tooth removed, such as:

How Will My Tooth Be Removed?

surgical extractionTo extract your tooth, Dr, Makadia will perform an extensive consultation to create a customized treatment plan. In addition to a visual examination, diagnostic images are taken to view your tooth in its entirety. Based on the results of the exam, a simple or surgical extraction will be recommended.

Simple Extraction

A simple extraction is used when the tooth can be fully seen in your mouth, such as if it is decayed, diseased, or overcrowded. You will be given an anesthetic to numb the area. Dr. Makadia will then loosen it using a tool called an elevator and remove it from its socket with forceps.

Surgical Extraction

A surgical extraction is a bit more complex. It is needed when a tooth cannot fully be seen, such as when it has broken below the gum line or it is impacted. To remove it, the gum tissue will be opened to expose the tooth. In some cases, it may need to be broken into smaller pieces or some areas of bone surrounding it will need to be taken out. The tooth will then be removed, and the gum tissue is closed using sutures.

What Can I Expect After the Extraction?

After your extraction, bleeding is normal. Biting on gauze for 20 to 30 minutes will help to control it. You may also experience some pain and swelling, which can be managed with pain relievers and cold compresses. It is best to east soft foods for a few days after the extraction, like yogurt and soups.

You will need to take the time to keep the extraction site clean. For the first day, rinse your mouth with warm salt water; however, do not do it aggressively or the blood clot may become loose. The following days, you can carefully brush and floss as you normally do.

To help prevent a condition called dry socket, it is best to avoid smoking and drinking through a straw to avoid disrupting the blood clot.

Contact Us Today for Your Extraction

If you need a tooth removed, your dentist near Sayville, Dr. Makadia can help. Contact our office today to schedule your consultation.

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