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Top 5 Reasons You Need to See Your Dentist in Holbrook

June 27, 2016

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We all know that you’re supposed to visit your dentist in Holbrook twice a year for regular cleanings and checkups. But, just because you’re supposed to visit your dentist twice a year, that doesn’t mean you’re limited to only two appointments each year. Often, you may need to see a dentist in between cleanings and checkups due to a sudden complication. We have the top 5 reasons why you need to see your Holbrook dentist right away even if it’s not time for your next checkup.

Tooth Pain

Tooth pain is sign you have a problem going on somewhere in your mouth. Sudden or unexplained tooth pain could mean your enamel is weakening and your teeth are becoming sensitive, or it could mean a cavity has developed. Severe pain could be an indication you have an abscessed tooth or a broken or fractured tooth. You’ll need to come in anytime you experience tooth pain so we can treat the underlying cause before more damage occurs.

Bleeding Gums

While many believe bleeding gums is normal, bleeding gums is never normal. When your gums begin to bleed or become red or swollen, that’s the first sign of gum disease. When caught early, we can stop gum disease in its tracks so no additional damage occurs.

Bad Breath

Everyone has bad breath from time to time, but if you have chronic bad breath, that could be a sign you have a dental problem. If you have bad breath that just won’t go away, chances are you have high levels of bacteria in your mouth. When bacteria remain high, it can lead to cavities and gum disease. We will work to find the cause of your bad breath to stop the odor while protecting your teeth from damage.

Jaw Pain

Jaw pain is a common sign of a TMJ disorder. TMJ disorders can be caused from a number of things, such as grinding your teeth, bite and alignment problems or even sinus problems. You’ll need to come in so we can identify the cause of the pain to provide the appropriate course of treatment.

Mouth Sores

Often, a mouth sore will go away on its own, however, if you have a mouth sore that just won’t seem to heal, it may be a sign of oral cancer. You’ll need an oral cancer screening to rule out the potential for cancerous or precancerous cells. We will evaluate your mouth to determine the cause of the sores so you can begin to heal.

Your Dentist in Holbrook

As your dentist in Holbrook, we work hard to protect your teeth, even when it’s not time for your regular checkup. If you develop a sudden problem, please call our office at (631) 567-5566 so we can relieve your discomfort while protecting your smile.

Sunrise Dental Service provides comprehensive dental care to diagnose and treat oral health conditions. With early intervention, we’ll help stop the damage so your problem doesn’t become worse. The sooner you seek treatment, the quicker you can regain your daily life while reducing the need for invasive procedures.